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Selective inhibition of tumoral cell growth by low power millimeter waves

Abstract The effects of low power millimetric wave (MMW) radiation on the growth of tumor and healthy cells were studied. A wide-band frequency range between 53.57-78.33 GHz with a radiation density power of 27 x 10(-17) watt/Hz were used. The radiating energy was low enough not to increase the temperature of the cellular samples (cold irradiation). One hour of radiation treatment given every other day to three tumoral human stable cell lines, produced a noticeable inhibition of the cellular growth. The analogous treatment given to two healthy cell lines gave a weak growth stimulation. A scanning electron microscopy study of MCF-7-and K562-irradiated cells revealed that MMW irradiation induced profound morphological changes of the membrane. Finally, we also provided a mechanistic indication, based on millimeter wave spectroscopy of the cells: water is the primary absorber of these electromagnetic waves. Our work provides interesting evidence that wide band low power MMW irradiation, in the appropriate frequency range, could be used in the future as a cold means to cause selective inhibition of tumor cell growth.

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